About me

Cafaro Oscar

Visual design, concept art, illustration, set design, prop design e costume

I love cinema, entertainment industry, videogames, concept art and much more… my biggest dream is to work in these sectors. I have already had some working experience in the theater and illustration fields, currently I work as assistant-set designer of Ezio Frigerio, (grand opera) lyric production

My greatest passion it to draw for the entertainment industry, games and cinema.
Just to give you and idea of my work, I invite you to look at my sketches and my painting on my website blog

If you think I have the right skills for you, please contact me.

mail:  oscarcafaro@yahoo.it

Tel.:  +39 3493938799


One Response to “About me”

  1. Man, your work is breathtaking!

    I’ve just mentioned it on my blog (http://cardesignblog.wordpress.com). I hope you don’t mind, however, if you do, just tell me so I can take it out imediatly.


    Flavio Remontti
    Sao Paulo – Brazil

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